WOCC Program


The 13th Annual Wireless & Optical Communication Conference 2004
WOCC 2004 at a Glance(March 8-10, 2004)

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March 8




(Room 101AB)

Opening Remarks

Chair:Jingshown Wu ,Vice President of NTU

Guests:Che-Ho Wei, Chairman of NSC

             Chin-Yen Tsai, Minister of Taiwan Executive Yuan

             Chi-Fu Deng, Chairman of NTP-I


Exhibition(Room 101D)


(Room 101AB)

Plenary Session 1 (Overall)

Chair:Jin-Fu Chang, Chairman of NTP-II

Speakers:The Many Facets of Technology Convergence in Telecommunication

David Chang, President of Polytechnic U.

Interactive Multimedia & Intelligent Broadband ¡V Key to Telecom Revival

Bing-Hwang Juang, Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology
Twists and Turns in Fiber Optics ¡V What¡¦s Next?

Pao-Lo Liu, Professor, SUNY at Buffalo




(Room 101AB)

Plenary Session 2 (Wireless)

Chair:Bao-Shuh Paul Lin, General Director of CCL ¡V ITRI   

Speakers:The Dawn of Wireless Twilight

                  Longsong Lin, Director of Intel IIC

 Challenges in Developing 3G Handsets

 Chung-Ming Sun, VP of AsusTek Computer

 A High Rate Wireless Packet Data System with Versatile QoS Support

                  Yu-Cheun Jou, VP of Technology, Qualcomm Corp.




Parallel Session

Wireless (Room 101A)

Technical Session 1

¡§ Wireless System Technologies ¡¨

Optical (Room 101B)

Technical Session 1

¡§Optical Fiber Communication and Networks¡¨

Multimedia (Room 101C)

Panel Discussion 1

¡§Multimedia Coding on Academic and Industrial Perspective¡¨


Chair Chair
Wern-Ho Sheen,Professor, NCTU Yinchieh Lai, Professor, NCTU Jau-Hsiung Huang,Chairman, Cyberlink
Speakers Speakers Panelists

A Unified View on the Capacity and Coverage for Wireless Systems with Joint Antenna Diversity and Multiuser Schedulings

Li-Chun Wang ,Professor, NCTU

Location Technologies In Wireless Systems 

T.C. Chiang ,Manager, Lucent Technologies

Advanced Mobile Devices ¡V Technology and Applications for Life

Wen-Yi Kuo ,Senior Director

Compal Electronics

Physical-Layer RF Design of Dual-Band 802.11 WLAN

Sheng-Fuh Chang ,Professor, CCU

The Effects of Nonlinear Phase Noise to DPSK Signals

Keang-Po Ho ,Professor, NTU

Performance Monitoring in Optical Networks

Lian-Kuan Chen ,Professor, CUHK

Optical Coarse Packet Switched IP-over-WDM Network (OPSINET): Technologies and Experiments

Maria C. Yuang ,Professor, NCTU

The Fairness MAC Protocol for a Slotted Packet-Switched WDM Ring Network

Wang-Rong Chang, NCKU

Hsueh Ming Hang ,Professor, NCTU

Liang-Gee Chen ,Professor, NTU

Mike H.C. Wang ,Manager,CCL - ITRI

Tsuhan Chen ,Professor, CMU

C.-C. Jay Kuo ,Professor, USC

14:00~16:30 Poster Session(Room 101AB Hallway)
15:40~16:10 Break



Wireless (Room 101A)

Technical Session 2

¡§MIMO Wireless Communications¡¨

Optical (Room 101B)

Technical Session 2

¡§Optical Devices, Modules and Package¡¨

Multimedia (Room 101C)

Technical Session 1

¡§Industrial Adaptation and Technology Trend on Multimedia Coding¡¨

Chair Chair Chair
Chong-Yung Chi ,Professor, NTHU Yan-Kuin Su,Dean, NCKU Hsueh Ming Hang ,Professor, NCTU
Speakers Speakers Speakers

Shared Distributed Wireless Antenna Solution 

Kang Yueh ,Manager, Crown Castle

A Flexible Uplink CDMA Space-Time Transceiver with Reduced-Complexity V-BLAST Detection

Ta-Sung Lee, Professor, NCTU & Chung-Lien Ho, NCTU

Structure-Based Water-Filling Algorithm in Multipath MIMO Channels

Jiunn-Tsair Chen ,Professor, NTHU

On the Downlink Space Time Scheduling of Multi-User MIMO for Wireless Communications

Vincent Lau ,Professor, HKU

Electromagnetic Shielding of Plastic Packaging in Cost-Effective Optical Transceiver Modules

Wood-Hi Cheng,Professor, NSYU

Advanced Design and Fabrication Techniques of Fiber Grating Devices

Yinchieh Lai ,Professor, NCTU

Tunable Lasers and Related Devices with Liquid Crystal Enabled Functionalities for DWDM Optical Communication

Ci-Ling Pan ,Professor, NCTU

Enabling Optical Technologies for Optical Ethernet

San Liang Lee,Professor, NTUST

The Services and Realization of Multimedia Coding in ChungHwa Telecom

San-Wei Sun,Director, Chunghwa Telecom Laboratories

The Latest Development on MPEG Video Standards

Chun-Jen Tsai ,Professor, NCTU

System Software Design for Multimedia Networking

Jonathan C. L. Liu ,Professor

University of Florida


Conference Reception
March 9
08:00~09:00 Registration
09:00~16:20 Exhibition(Room 101D)
09:00~09:10 Opening Remarks


(Room 101AB)

Plenary Session 3 (Optical)

Chair: Jingshown Wu, Vice President of NTU

Speakers:Photonics and Telecommunications---A Historical Perspective

Prof. Chinlon Lin, Director, Center forAdvanced Research in Photonics, CUHK.

Novel Optoelectronic Devices Technologies for a Broadband Photonic Network

Yung S. Liu, General Director of OES-ITRI

Building Demand for Widespread Broadband Deployment

                  Kevin W. Lu, Chief Scientist, Telcordia Technologies

10:40~10:50 Break


(Room 101AB)

Plenary Session 4 (Multimedia)

Chair: Jyh-Sheng Ke, President of III

Speakers:Recent Developments on Embedded Multimedia System Design

C.-C. Jay Kuo, Professor, USC

Lightweight Arithmetic for Mobile Multimedia Devices

Tsuhan Chen, Professor, CMU

12:30~14:00 Luncheon




Wireless (Room 101A)

Technical Session 3

¡§Wireless Transmission¡¨

Optical (Room 101B)

Panel Discussion 1

¡§Optoelectronics Communication Technology and Industry Development¡¨

Multimedia (Room 101C)

Panel Discussion 2

¡§Multimedia Deployment on Broadband and Wireless/Mobile Network¡¨

Chair Chair Chair
Mao-Chao Lin,Professor, NTU Ching-Ting Lee,Dean, NCKU J.C. Dorng,G.D., MTL-III
Speakers Panelists Panelists

Principle of Universal Lattice Decoding  

Wai Ho Mow ,Professor, HKUS

The Design of the Soft Decoder of the Interleaved Convolutional Code Used in IEEE 802.11a 

Victor W. Cheng, Professor, NCNU & Chia-Hui Lin, NCNU

Maximum SNR Array Processing for Space-Time Coded Systems

Hsuan-Jung Su,Professor, NTU

Yan-Kuin Su,Dean, NCKU

Lung-Sing Liang,General Director

Chunghwa Telecom Laboratories

Mao-Lin Yeh,CEO

Loop Telecommunication International, Inc

Kevin W. Lu,Chief Scientist

Telcordia Technologies

Chien-Chin Yen,Chunghwa Telecom

Tsai-Jun Pan ,Manager, Access

Mike H.C. Wang, Manager, CCL - ITRI

Rachael Chang, Customer Solutions Director, Alcatel Taiwan

15:40~16:10 Break




Wireless Panel Discussion 1

 ¡§ 3G Service Development in Taiwan¡¨

Optical Technical Session 3

¡§Applications of Optoelectronics Technology¡¨

Multimedia Technical Session 2

¡§Challenge and Reality of Networked Multimedia¡¨

Chair Chair Chair

Mu-Piao Shih ,Chief Engineer

Chunghwa Telecom

Lung-Sing Liang,General Director

Chunghwa Telecom Laboratories

Zsehong Tsai,Professor, NTU

Panelists Speakers Speakers

Hong-Shen Wang ,VP, Taiwan Cellular Corp.

Herman Rao ,VP, FarEastone Corp.

Po-Chuan Tsou ,VP, APBW

Robert J.Chen,Consultant, Vibo Telecom Inc.

Optical Communications in Access Network

Ku-Tan Wu ,Dean, NUK

A Technology Changing TheComponent/Module Competitiveness in iber Optic Comm.¡VMicro Optical Electro Mechanical Systems MOEMS or MEMS

Schiu Sche ,Chairman, NeoStones Micro Fabrication Corp.

Technical Evolutions of Optical Networks towards New Revenue-Generating                 Applications

Gerard Galbe,General Manager

Alcatel Taiwan

The Implications of Fiber Optic Transponder Testing

Minglai Kao ,Manager, Multiplex Inc.

Internet Multimedia Service in CHT

Yen-Sung Lee,VP,Chunghwa Telecom (Hinet)

The Trend of Digital TV

S.Y. Chen, VP, ADB

Object-based Shot Segmentation in Compressed Domain

L. C. Lin,Professor, FCU

March 10 Tainan Special Program(By invitation only)
09:00~09:10 Registration
09:10~10:20 Plenary Session

The Many Facets of Technology Convergence in Telecommunication

David Chang, President, Polytechnic U.
10:20~10:40 Break
10:40~12:00 Invited Talks

Location Based Services and the Future of Wireless Communications
T.C. Chiang, Technical Manager, Lucent Technologies

Mobile IP for Data Network Mobility
Howard Tsai, Sr. Manager, Cisco

12:00~13:00 Luncheon

Visit Southern Taiwan Science Park (Tainan)

15:20~16:20 Visit Chi-Mei Optoelectronics Company
16:40~17:40 Visit UMC
18:10~20:00 Dinner (Hosted by National Cheng Kung University)