Conference Theme

For more than a decade, WOCC has enjoyed great achievement in gathering telecommunication professionals to exchange ideas and to extend their professional domains. It offers a convention every year to discuss both business and technical topics in the telecommunication industry, especially business opportunities between the USA and Asian/Pacific regions. The theme of WOCC2004 is Regrowing the Telecommunications Industry in the Twenty First Century.

After year 2000, the world experienced economic downturn and the burst of the Internet bubble. This global regression has set back the industry including enterprises in wireless, optical and multimedia technologies. Fortunately, the oversupply fatigue in global market chains seems to recover gradually according to recent marketing statistics. It is strongly believed that the next wave of economic growth has silently set forth and that the industry will experience the first tremendous growth in the twenty first century. To embrace this trend, the conference is devoted to investigating the technologies and business drivers that will stimulate the recovery of the telecommunication industry.