Taipei’s public transit system is extremely well developed. It covers practically every possible destination with few transfers. With Taipei Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), Taipei City Bus and YouBike the public bicycle system, you can navigate Taipei city at ease and in your own way!

Having your own Easy Card or Taipei Pass (1-day to 5-day passes are available) is highly advised to get around conveniently in Taipei. You can buy one at every MRT Station.

Taipei Mass Rapid Transit (MRT)
Taking Taipei Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) is the most fastest and efficient way to connect yourself with most tourist attractions in Taipei Metropolitan Area within just an hour. Fare ranges from NT$20 to NT$65.

Important Thing to Remember:
Smoking, eating, drinking, and chewing gums inside the MRT stations and during the MRT ride are strictly forbidden. Violators will be fined up to NT$7,500.

Hours of Operation:
  • Opening Time: The first trains leave from their terminal stations around 6 am.
  • Closing Time: The last trains leave from their terminal stations around 12 am midnight.


Taipei City Bus
Buses in Taipei are numerous and bus routes are well-planned. Buses take EasyCard/Day Pass or cash. Tickets come in three price levels: One-segment NT$15, Two-segment NT$30 and Three segment NT$45. Most passengers will only need a One-segment ticket. The bus driver will notify you if you need to pay more for a Two or Three-segment ticket.

Important Thing to Remember:
If you don't have an Easy Card or Day Pass, be sure to bring extra coins. Drivers do not take cash and cannot give change.

YouBike, a public bicycle sharing service, has stalled for over 140 sites for rental and returning. The number of sites will be increased due to its popularity among Taipei citizens. You can find a YouBike site at some MRT stations and tourist attractions. After you have your Easy Card (Day Pass is not available), Please register as a member for free on the website and you are all set to go on your own city adventure! If you don't have an Easy Card at hand, you can also use your credit card to rent a bike. Be sure to return the bike at a YouBike Site.

NT$ 10 per 30 minutes

YouBike Official Website