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Complete Conference Program Info (PDF)

  4/22/2005 (Friday) 4/23/2005 (Saturday)
08:00 ~ 09:00 Registration Registration
09:00 ~ 09:10 F1 Opening Remarks
Conference Chair: Tien Pei Lee
S1 Opening Remarks
Conference Chair: Tien Pei Lee
09:10 ~ 16:10 Exhibition Exhibition

09:10 ~ 10:40
(90 Minutes)

F2 Plenary Session I
Chair: Qi Bi, Lucent
Robert Yang, ASTRI
Tom Koch, Lehigh University
Fred Juang, Georgia Tech

S2 Plenary Session III
Chair: Xiaomei Qian, Amaranth
Xiaomang Yu, China Unicom
Alice Chou, TIER
10:40 ~ 10:50 Break Break

10:50 ~ 12:20
(90 Minutes)

F3 Plenary Session II
Chair: Heather Yu, Panasonic
Mike Schwartz, Telcordia
Wuqiang Li, Consulate General of PRC
Steve Socolof, New Venture Partners
S3 Plenary Session IV
Chair: Deyu Zhou, Opnext
Zhaohui Wu, Zhejiang University
Ian Chiou, CCL/ITRI
Shen-Chang Chao, ASTRI
12:30 ~ 14:00

F4 Luncheon
Keynote: Ed Chao, Director,
Mobility Solutions Product Management, Lucent

S4 Luncheon

14:00 ~ 16:10 Poster Session Poster Session

Parallel Sessions

14:00 ~ 15:40

(100 Minutes)


F5 Technical Session I (Wireless)

Chair: Benjamin Tang, Lucent
Co-chair: Dong Sun, Lucent
Wireless and Wireline Convergence

IMS Solution for Converged Wireless & Wireline Services
Dr. Ben Tang, Bell Laboratories

A Survey on Wireless/Wireline Integration
Fuchun Joseph Lin, Chief Scientist, TelCordia Technologies

Requirements and Challenges for 3G mobile terminal Test
MJ Sheng, SysAir Inc.

The Utility of Compound Wireless Services
Thaddeus Kobylarz, Wireless Telecommunications Consulting

S5 Technical Session VI (Wireless)

Chair: Xiaodong Wang, Columbia Univ.
Broadband Wireless and Sensory Network

Design and Analysis of LDPC for MIMO-OFDM
Guosen Yue, NEC Labs Research

Secure Chaotic Spread Spectrum Systems
Jin Yu, Stevens Institute of Technology

IIS (Intelligent Services for WSN): A model of Service Provision for Wireless Sensor Networks
Dr. Loc Nguyen, University Paris 6 - Paris 12

A Smart Sensor Network for Object Detection, Classfication and Recognition
Yi-Ta Wu, NJIT

F6 Technical Session II (Optical)

Chair: Xiang Liu, Lucent
Co-chair: Chongjin Xie, Lucent
Enabling Technologies for Optical Communications and Networks

Polariztion Mode Dispersion and Its Mitigation Techniques in High Speed Fiber Optical Communication Systems
Chongjin Xie, Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies

Optical Performace Monitoring Applications in Transparent Networks
Dan Kilper, Lucent Technologies

Enabling technology for suppressing nonlinear interchannel crosstalk in DWDM transoceanic systems
H.Zhang R.B. Kander C. Davidson D. Kovsh, L. Liu A. Pilipetskii B. Bakhshi and N. Bergano, Tyco Telecommunications

Tunable Filter based Optical Add/Drop Technology (TOADM)
Jay Hsieh, Optoplex Corporaion

S6 Technical Session VII (Optical)

Chair: Zhengyu Huang, RSoft
Applications of Fiber and Integrated Optical Communications

Multi-User Quantum Communication Networks
Bing Wang, Patrick Kumavor, Craig Beal, Susanne Yelin, University of Connecticut

Intelligent Optical Control Plane
Emily Hu, Lucent Technologies

F7 Panel Discussion I (Multimedia)

Chair: R. Chandramouli, Stevens
What's Next in Wireless Multimedia

S7 Technical Session VIII (Multimedia)

Chair: Peng Yin, Thomson
Emerging Multimedia Technologies

Video Transmission over Wireless LAN
Hang Liu, Thomson

Directional Filterbank for Texture Image Classification
Hong Man, Stevens Institute of Technology

Video Segmentation for Surveillance -- A Transform Domain Approach
Juhua Zhu, Princeton University

Minimizing Power Consumption of Source Encoding and Radio Transmission in CDMA Systems
Xiaoan Lu, Polytechnic University

15:40 ~ 16:10 Break Break

Parallel Sessions

16:10 ~ 17:50

(100 Minutes)


F8 Technical Session III (Wireless)

Chair: MengChu Zhou, NJIT
Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

Performance Evaluation and Improvement of Broadcasting Algorithms in Ad Hoc Networks
Hao Zhang and Zhong Ping Jiang, ECE Department Polytechnic University

Hybrid Networks: Cellular-Relay Architecture
Harish Viswanathan, Sayandev Mukherjee and Ram Ramjee, Bell Lab, Lucent Technologies

Lightweight Service Advertisement and Discovery in Mobile Ad hoc Networks
Dr. Liang Cheng, Lehigh University

Transport Capacity and Spectral Efficiency of Large Wireless CDMA Ad Hoc Networks
Yi Sun, The City College of City University of New York

S8 Technical Session IX (Wireless)

Chair: Shen-De Lin, Lucent
Co-chair: Tau Zhang, Telcordia Wireless Mobile Communications

The Future of Mobile Data Services
G.A. Brosnan, Mitrerek Systems

Signal Processing For Power Amplifiers
Michael Luddy

F9 Technical Session IV (Optical)

Chair: Xiang Zhou, AT&T Labs
Optical Communications and Network Systems

Lightpath Tracing in Photonic Networks
Mark D. Feuer & Vinay Vaishampayan, AT&T Labs

Hyperfine Spectral Phase Coded Optical CDMA: Component Technologies and Networking Applications
Paul Toliver, Telcodia Technologies

DWDM Long-Haul Technology
Yuan-Hua (Claire) Kao and Jim Benson, Lucent Technologies

Limit on Coding and Modulation Gains in Fiber-Optic Communication Systems
Yi Cai, Tyco Telecommunications

F9 Technical Session X (Optical)

Chair: Haisheng Wang, Boeing
Optoelectronics and Network Elements

High Performance, Low Cost PIN, APD Receivers in Fiber Optical Networks and FTTx Applications
Hui Nie, TriQuint Optoelectrcnics

Redefine Optical Devices' Integration and Manufacturing through Nano-engineering
Jian Jim Wang, NanoOpto Corporation

High-Speed Opto-Electronic Components for Digital and Analog RF Systems
K. Y. Liou, LaserTechnology & Government Business

Advances in Optoelectronic Technologies for ROADM Subsystems
Louay Eldada, DuPont Photonics Technologies

F10 Technical Session V (Multimedia)

Chair: James Lei, ASTRI
Digital Wireless Multimedia

Opportunities for Data Broadcasting in Digital TV
Dinkar Bhat, Triveni Digital

Unconstrained Face Recognition and Analysis
S. Kevin Zhou, Siemens Corporate Research, Inc.

An Overview of Technologies for E-Learning Application
Ying Li, IBM

IBM Smart Surveillance System
Yingli Tian, IBM

S10 Technical Session XI (Multimedia)

Chair: Wen-Yi Zhao, Sarnoff
Interactive Multimedia

18:00 ~ 20:00 F11 Conference reception  


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