2021 30th Wireless and Optical
    Communications Conference (WOCC) has been
    published in the IEEE Xplore digital library.
WOCC 2021 is in hybrid form. * For the     attendees in-person, please check in before 9:00am on     10/7. The registration desk will open 15 minutes before     the opening ceremony at 9am. * For the on-line mode,  WOCC2021 uses Microsoft Teams for on-line   conferencing. Please join WOCC 2021 team on-line    before 9am on 10/7 and go to "WOCC Service Counter"     to check in by leaving your name in the message area.
WOCC 2021 will use Microsoft Teams for
    on-line conferencing. If you provided us your Microsoft     Teams ID when registering, we have added your ID to    WOCC 2021 team on Teams. For those who did not   provide the Teams ID, Teams had sent you the    notification to the email address you provided when    registering. A tutorial about how to join WOCC 2021     team on Teams is provided here for you.
Technical Program is released.    
Each presenter has 15 minutes to present the      paper, including 3-minute QA.    
Due to COVID-19 pandemic, WOCC 2021 is in      hybrid form. One can do the presentation remotely or  in-person. Please send an acknowledge to     wocc2021@gmail.com to indicate in which way you are     going to present. This will be better and easier for us      to do the arrangement.
Notice: The reported error about the payment using    a credit card issued by a bank outside Taiwan is     resolved. Please let us know if you have any problem      on registration.
 There is a reported error about the payment using a     credit card issued by a bank outside Taiwan. If you      only can pay by credit cards issued by the banks     outside Taiwan, please wait until the problem has been     resolved.
 Registration site is released and please do the      registration by September 20, 2021.    
 Great opportunity for publicity, advertising, and      promotion. Please see the brochure here.
 Registration information is updated and the      registration site will be released soon.
 Please upload the camera-ready version before     September 10, 2021 after passing the verification of      IEEE PDF eXpress for format checking.    
 Due to some technical problems, the paper    acceptance will be notified no later than 9/3/2021     (Fri). The deadline for uploading camera-ready version      will be extended also.
 Selected papers will be recommended to Intelligent      and Converge Networks (ICN) Journal    
 WOCC 2021 Charles Kao Best Paper Award    
 The submission deadline is extended to Aug 9, 2021
 Call For Paper flyer    
 Paper submission site is open    

 Paper Submission    Aug 9, 2021(Extended)
 Notification of Acceptance    Sep 3, 2021
 Final Paper Submission    Sep 10, 2021(Extended)