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Program Chairs' Message


It is our great pleasure to welcome you to attend IEEE WOCC2011 - the 20th Annual Wireless and Optical Communications Conference during April 15 - 16, 2011. This is another exciting event held in New Jersey in the United States since the birth of WOCC 20 years ago.

The IEEE WOCC2011 technical program committee put together an outstanding program, consisting of twelve technical sessions in four symposiums, two plenary sessions, two special sessions, a panel session, and a students' poster session. The four symposiums cover: Wireless Communications and Networking, Optical Communications and Networking, Emerging Networks and Future Internet, and Multimedia Services and Applications. The overall program includes 75 papers and presentations covering cutting edge research and developments in communications and networking technologies with speakers from North America, Asia, and Europe. The highlight of the program includes two special sessions dedicated to Professor Robert G. Gallager and Dr. Tingye Li, respectively. Their formal students, colleagues and friends will pay tributes to Professor Gallager and Dr. Li for their pioneering achievements and profound impacts on our society. Addtionally, there will be dozens of distinguished scholars and technology leaders invited to talk in the plenary sessions, technical sessions and panel session.

In addition to the invited talks, IEEE WOCC2011 received a total of 52 paper submissions. The technical program committee, including program chairs, symposium chairs, and more than 40 committee members, had a peer-review process for the submitted papers. As a result of the review process, 26 papers were accepted, which corresponds to an acceptance ratio of 50%. Additionally, eight invited papers were also reviewed and accepted. These 34 regular and invited papers will be published in the WOCC2011 conference proceedings and IEEE Xplore.

The technical program of IEEE WOCC2011 is the result of dedication and efforts of many volunteers in our technical program committee and planning committee. We are deeply thankful to all authors who submitted their latest research to the conference. We are most grateful to the symposium chairs, technical program committee members, and expert reviewers who spent tremendous time on the paper review process. Special thanks go to Dr. Angela Chiu who organized the Tingye Li session and Robert G. Gallager session. We would also like to thank the general chair, organizer, coordinator and other planning committee members of the conference for their constant support.

We hope that IEEE WOCC 2011 will be a very rewarding experience for all attendees. Wish you all a productive and enjoyable conference!


Best Regards,



Qinqing Zhang ,Johns Hopkins University

WOCC2011 Technical Program Chair


Wade Trappe ,Rutgers University    

WOCC 2011 Technical Program Vice Chair