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WOCC 2011 Theme: Converging Communications for Internet of Things


The theme for WOCC-2011 is the Converging Communications for Internet of Things, built upon the success of new generations of communication services and the proliferation of the internet in our society.

WOCC 2011 provides a unique platform for attendees to present and discuss the impact of the Telecommunications in the Internet age. From the traditional wireless and optical communications to the computer version and the smart planet, to the exciting digital multimedia, and to the applications of internet of things, researchers around the global will convene in New Jersey to disseminate their scientific findings and to exchange information on new developments related to the conference theme.

The conference organization team cordially invites people from industry, research organizations, academic and government labs interested in the subjects to participate in this exciting event, to be held at the Campus Center of New Jersey of Technology in April 15 16, 2011.