The 13  Annual Wireless & Optical Communication Conference 2004
 March 08-10, 2004, Taipei & Tainan, TAIWAN, R.O.C.

 The 13th WOCC 2004
Sponsorship Benefits Sheet


Sponsor Fee NT$300,000 NT$100,000 NT$30,000
Complimentary tickets 10 5 2
Exhibition Booth 2 Units 1 Units DM Promotion at DM Zone
Hyperlink of the corporate website to the eventกฆs website V V ก@
Company Logo Printing on the Cover of Conference Handbook V V ก@
Company Advertisements on Conference Handbook

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Advertisement Banner at the Conference Room V ก@ ก@
Listing for Co-sponsor on All Advertisements V ก@ ก@

NotesกG1. exhibition booth with 3 meters length and 3 meters breadth.
 2. Free exhibition partitions with 1table and 2 chairs

Sponsorship Agreement

We agree to sponsor กจThe 13th Annual Wireless & Optical Communication Conference 2004กจ.

Class A B C
Sponsor Fee NT$300,000 NT$100,000 NT$30,000
Please Check the Appropriate Item ก@ ก@ ก@

Company NameกGกลกลกลกลกลกลกลกลกลกลกลกลกล
Authority PersonกGกลกลกลกลกลกลกลกลกลกลกล (Signature)TitleกGกลกลกลกลกลกล
                                                                                        Date: กลกลกลกลกลกลกล
Contact PersonกGกลกลกลกลกล TelกGกลกลกลกลกลFaxกGกลกลกลกลกลกลกลกล

Please Fax or E-mail the Agreement to
Jennifer Yu
WOCC 2004 Conference Planning Committee
6F, No. 51, Sec. 2, Chungching S.Rd., Taipei, Taiwan
Tel: 02-2394-6000 Ext.112, Fax: 02-23960962