Dear all,

It is a great pleasure to invite you to participate in the 25th Wireless and Optical Communication Conference (WOCC2016), share the latest progresses in wireless, photonic and network science, technology and innovations. WOCC2016 is held in one of the most beautiful cities in China – Chengdu, organized by one of the oldest universities in China - Southwest Jiaotong University (SWJTU), and scheduled in one of the most charming seasons of the year – May 21-23.

Initiated by several pioneers from Bell Labs (USA) more than twenty years ago, WOCC has already become one of the major and prestigious events for the U.S. and the Asia-Pacific community in the field of telecommunications and networking.

Under the theme of “Facing the challenges of bandwidth and data”, there are three symposiums arranged to cover many hot topics, including wireless symposium, photonics symposium, network and data applications symposium. Leading experts, including Prof. Ben Eggleton, Prof. Peter Winzer, Prof. George K. Karagianidis, Prof. Min Gu, etc. will join us to deliver fantastic talks.  As year 2016 will be the 120th anniversary for the ChiaoTung Family of the world, the photonic people from five ChiaoTung universities (SJTU, XJU, SWJTU, BJTU and NCTU) will join together to celebrate this event during this conference (Photonics Forum of ChiaoTung Universities). We believe that the WOCC 2016 program will stimulate interesting discussions and inspire new ideas.

Chengdu is famous for lots of things (beauty, food, history and life style) in China, and we hope that your participation will be a productive and rewarding experience. Thank you for your involvement and contribution in making WOCC2016 a new success!

See you in Chengdu!

WOCC2016 Organizing Commiittee