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Riding the Next Wave:
Technologies Leading to and Substantiating Telecommunication Industry Recovery

For the last 10 years, WOCC has enjoyed great success in providing a unique opportunity for telecommunication professionals to exchange ideas and to extend their business networks. It offers a forum to discuss both business and technical topics in the telecom industry, especially business opportunities between the USA and Asian/Pacific. Until about two years ago, the telecommunication industry had been enjoying tremendous growth. The demand for bandwidth seemed insatiable and opportunities seemed endless. Then came the economic downturn and the burst of the Internet bubble, which had setback the industry including many wireless, optical, and multimedia companies.

Nonetheless, the current situation in the telecom industry presents us with both challenges and opportunities. We believe the industry will recover and businesses that survive this turmoil will eventually flourish. This conference examines the technologies and business drivers that will lead the recovery of the telecommunication industry.

In this conference, we invite engineers, scientists and business leaders from the United States and Asia-Pacific Regions to present their views on emerging technologies, to exchange information about the communications industry in general, and to network with each other on the personal level. In addition, this conference also serves as a forum to explore business opportunities on the global scale.

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