WOCC2002 Call For Presentations
The Eleventh Wireless and Optical Communications Conference
26-27 April, 2002, Newark Airport Marriott Hotel, Newark, New Jersey, USA

Conference Chair
Charles Kao, former Vice Chancellor, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Conference Organizers
James Hwang, Lehigh Univ.
Chung-Sheng Li, IBM
Technical Program Chairs
T. C. Chiang, Lucent
Cedric F. Lam, AT&T
Shih-Ping Liou, Siemens
Conference Coordinators
Hsuan-Jung Su, Lucent
Heather Yu, Panasonic

Gee-Kung Chang ,Telcordia
Terry Cheng, Lucent
Russell Hsing, Telcordia
Chih-Lin I, AT&T
Hai-feng Li, Tycom
Sing Lin
Michael Wang, AT&T
On-Ching Yue (Chair), Lucent
Kang Yueh


  • The Chinese Institute of Engineers – USA (CIE-USA)
  • The Photonics Society of Chinese Americans (PSC)
  • The Chinese Association of Science and Technology (CAST)
  • The Chinese American Academic and Professional Society (CAAPS)
  • The Monte Jade Science and Technology Association (MJSTA)
  • IEEE
  • For the last 10 years, WOCC has enjoyed great success in providing a unique opportunity for telecommunication professionals to exchange ideas and to extend their business networks.  It offers a forum to discuss both business and technical topics in the telecom industry, especially business opportunities between the USA and Asian/Pacific.  The theme of WOCC2002 is “Riding the Next Wave: Technologies Leading to and Substantiating Telecommunication Industry Recovery.”  Until about two years ago, the telecommunication industry had been enjoying tremendous growth.  The demand for bandwidth seemed insatiable and opportunities seemed endless.  Then came the economic downturn and the burst of the Internet bubble, which had setback the industry including many wireless, optical, and multimedia companies.  

    Nonetheless, the current situation in the telecom industry presents us with both challenges and opportunities.  We believe the industry will recover and businesses that survive this turmoil will eventually flourish.  This conference examines the technologies and business drivers that will lead the recovery of the telecommunication industry. Abstracts of presentations are solicited in areas of multimedia, wireless and optical communications.  Presentations can be made in one of the following (but not exclusive) forms:
    - reports of new technological and scientific findings and results
    - reviews, tutorials and technology surveys
    - field trial and new technology deployment results
    - economic studies and analysis
    - business proposals and presentations

    Important date:
    Submission deadline: Jan. 15, 2002

    Authors will be notified by March 1, 2002 about the acceptance of their presentations.

    Format: Include both abstract and bio of speaker on one page, 8.5"X11", 1" margin, font size>10. Also include title of talk, author names, affiliation, and e-mail addresses.

    Send Microsoft Word file to:
    tchiang@lucent .com