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April 16 Program April 17 Program

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9:00 - 9:10 AM
  Conference Chairperson:
Dr. Lin-Nan Lee, VP, Hughes Network Systems

Session I

9:10 - 10:40 PM
Dr. Terry S. Cheng, Lucent Technologies
Speaker 1:
  "Migration to Broadband IP Based Wireless and Wired Networks"
Mr. Jesse E. Russell, VP, Advanced Communications Technologies, AT&T Labs
Speaker 2:
  "Wireless Communications in the Next Millennium;
Dr. George I. Zysman, Chief Technical Officer, Lucent Technologies
Speaker 3:
  "Wireless Services: A Vision for the Future"
Mr. Richard B. Engelman, Chief, Planning & Negotiation Division, International Bureau, FCC

10:40 - 10:50 AM

Session II

10:50 - 12:20 PM
Prof. Y. J. Ray Chen, University of Maryland
Speaker 1:
  "Next Generation Network: Architecture and Access Alternative;
Dr. W. Dave Sincoskie, VP, Telcordia Technologies (Formerly Bellcore)
Speaker 2:
  "Fiber-Optic Bandwidth: How Much is Enough?;
Dr. Philip Anthony, VP, E-Tek

Keynote Speech

12:20 - 2:00 PM
"Technologies, Services and Business Opportunities In Wireless and Broadband Communications"
Dr. Chi-Kuo Mao, Vice Minister, Ministry of Transportation & Communications (MOTC)


2:20 - 3:40 PM
  Session 1
3rd Generation Wireless Technologies

Chair: Dr. On-Ching Yue, Lucent Technologies
1) "3rd Generation Mobile Wireless Systems"
Dr. Mooi-Choo Chuah, Lucent Technologies
2) "Pilot Assisted Coherent communiction ?Optimal reception and performance Analysis"
Dr. Fuyun Lin, Qualcomm
3) "3rd Generation Mobile Multimedia Systems"
Dr. George Liu, Ericsson
4) "The Globalstar Satellite Communication System - Design and Status"
Dr. Tony Liu, Globalstar
5) "Third Generation Wireless Communication System: The CDMA Approach"
Dr, Ning Yang, GTE Labs

Session 2
Component Supply and Technology Trend Part I

Chair:Prof. James C. M. Hwang, Lehigh University
1) "Low Cost Microwave Components for Telecommunications"
Dr. Ho-Chung Huang, AMCOM Communications, Inc.
2) "RFIC Trends for Wireless Communications"
Dr. Nan-Lei Larry Wang, EiC Corporation
3) "A Virtual FAB in GaAs is Created for the 21st Century Wireless & Optical Communications"
Dr. Owen Wu, Global Communication Semiconductors, Inc
4) "GaAs Pure Play Foundry Service for Wireless and Optical Communications"
Mr. C.H. Jeff Shu, Network Devices, Inc.
5) "Challenges of RF Technology for 3G Mobile Communication in China"
Prof. Kai Shao, Nanjing Electronic Devices Institute

Session 3
Next-Generation Optical Communications Systems and Networks

Chair: Dr. Chinlon Lin, Tyco Submarine Systems
1) "Optical Network Revolution: Forces, Features, Futures"
Dr. Stan Lumish, Lucent Technologies
2) "High-Capacity Global Undersea Optical Fiber Communications Networks"
Dr. Matthew X. Ma, Tyco Submarine Systems
3) "Optical Networking - The Path from Transparency to Opacity"
Dr. Kerry Coffman, AT&T Labs
4) "Technologies and Challenges of Next Generation High Capacity Transmission Systems"
Dr. Xiang Dong Cao, Qtera

Coffee Break
3:40 - 4:10 PM


4:10 - 6:10 PM
  Session 4
Wireless Networking and applications

Chair:Dr. Wu-Hon Francis Leung , Motorola
1) "A High-Capacity Cellular Network by Improved Sectorization and Interleaved Channel Assignment"
Dr. Li-Chun Wang and Dr. Kin K. Leung, AT&T Labs
2) "Embedded Wireless Internet Systems"
Dr. Jyh-Han Lin, Motorola
3) "Wireless Application Protocol"
Mrs. Shu-Chin Su Chen, CCL of ITRI
4) "SCDMA Wireless Local Loop System and Its Applications in China"
Dr. Wei Chen, Cwill
5) "Do You Know Where Your Children Are? - Geolocation Applications and Technologies"
Dr. T. C. Chiang, Lucent Technologies

Session 5
Component Supply and Technology Trend Part II

Chair:Dr. Robert C. Wang, Lucent Technologies
1) "Recent Development of RF ICs in ERSO/ITRI"
Dr. Jyuo-Min Shyu, ERSO, ITRI
2) "Star*Core 100 -- A Scalable DSP Architecture for Wireless Applications"
Mr. Greg Koker, Lucent Technologies
3) "Cellular Handset Technology Trend"
Dr. James Y.-C. Cheng, Motorola
4) "Can New Digital Signal Processors Bridge Bandwidth Revolution ? "
Mr. Matthew J. Yang, Lucent Technologies
5) "Wireless Handheld Terminal Antennas"
Dr. Wen-Liang Wu , Motorola
6) "The Lucent FPGA Solution"
Mr. Stuart Bernhardt, Lucent Technologies

Session 6
Optical Communications Components and Technologies

Chair:Dr. Won Tsang, Multiplex
1) "Requirements and Progress in Ultra-High Capacity Optical Communication Systems"
Dr. Shou-Jong Shieh and Dr. Yan Sun, Lucent Technologies
2) "Optical Switching Technology for WDM Optical Networking Applications"
Dr. Hongxing Dai, Telcordia Technologies (Formerly Bellcore)
3) "State-of-the-art Optical Fibers for the Long Haul & Metro DWDM Systems"
Dr. Michael M. Choy, Lucent Technologies
4) "Submicron Automated Assembly for Photonics Packaging Using Laser Welding"
Mr. Soon Jang, Newport Corp.

6:10 - 8:00 PM
  Sponsored by E-Tek

April 17 Program    

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