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    The Wireless and Optical Communications Conference (WOCC) is held once a year to exchange information among Chinese professionals from China, Taiwan, Hong-Kong, Singapore, and the United States on the progress of technologies in the wireless and optical communications arena. The main objective of the annual conference is to strengthen the technical and business relationships between the Asian and North American wireless and optical communications industries and provide a forum to bring together experts and industry leaders to exchange advancement in wireless and optical communications technologies, business experiences, and jointly explore new opportunities.

    This conference is organized by several major Chinese-American professional organizations, which include:
The Chinese Institute of Engineers - USA (CIE-USA)
The Photonics Society of Chinese Americans (PSC)
The Chinese Association of Science and Technology (CAST)
The Chinese American Academic and Professional Society (CAAPS)
The Monte Jade Science and Technology Association (MJSTA)

    We have held the following conferences in previous years:

1992 Optical Communication Conference April, 1992 Chair: Dr. Tao-Yuan Chang

1993 Wireless Communications Conference April 19, 1993 Conference Chair: Dr. Wen-Ning Hsieh, DVI Communications Program Chair: Mr. James J. C. Chang, AT&T Bell Laboratories

1995 Wireless and Optical Communications Conference April 8, 1995 Conference Chair: Dr. Kang Yueh, AT&T Bell Laboratories Program Chair: Dr. Sing Lin, Bellcore

1996 Optical and Wireless Communications Conference April 6, 1996 Conference Chair: Dr. Chinlon Lin, Bellcore Program Chair: Dr. Tien-Wen Hou, Lucent Technologies

1997 Wireless Communications Conference April 5, 1997 Conference Chair: Dr. John C. Chiang, Koo's Group Telecomm Program Chair: Dr. Li-Fung Chang, Bellcore Coordinator: Dr. Wen-Yi Kuo

1998 Wireless and Optical Communications Conference April 3-4, 1998 Conference Chair: Dr. William C. Y. Lee, AirTouch Program Chairs: Dr. Gee-Kung Chang, Bellcore Dr. Chih-Lin I, AT&T Coordinator: Dr. ChingYao Huang

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[ Conference Organizing Associations ]

Chinese Institute of Engineers - U.S.A. (CIE-USA)
Chinese Association of Science and Technology (CAST)
Chinese American Academic and Professional Society (CAAPS)
Monte Jade Science and Technology Association (MJSTA)
The Photonics Society of Chinese Americans (PSC)

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[ Advisory Board -- 1998 ~ 1999 ]

  Kang Yueh, Lucent Technologies

Vice Chair:
  Li-Fung Chang, Bellcore

  Cheng-Jen Chen

  Tao-Yuan Chang, Lucent Technologies
Chinlon Lin, Tyco Submarine Systems Labs
Kang Yueh, Lucent Technologies
Sing Lin, AT&T Labs
Li-Fung Chang, AT&T Labs
Michael H. Wang, AT&T Labs
William C.Y. Lee, AirTouch
Gee-Kung Chang, Telcordia
Chih-Lin I, AT&T
Cheng-Jen Chen, Auctor Corporation
Russell Hsing, Telcordia

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[ Conference Planning Committee ]

Conference Organizers:
  Chih-Lin I, AT&T
Gee-Kung Chang, Telcordia

Conference Chair:
  Lin-Nan Lee, Hughes Network Systems

Program Chair:
  Terry Cheng, Lucent Technologies
Y.J. Ray Chen, U. of Maryland

Program Coordinator:
  Russell Sun, Lucent Technologies

Conference Treasure:
  Wen-Yi Kuo, Lucent Technologies

Fund Raising Coordinator:
  Ching-Yao Huang, Lucent Technologies

  Matthew Cheng, Telcordia
Xiaoxin Qiu, AT&T Labs

Hotel/Local Accommodation Coordinator:
  Duwang Chao, Lucent Technologies

  C. J. Wang, Lucent Technologies
Tai-Ann Chen, Lucent Technologies

Web Design:
  Ching-Yao Huang, Lucent Technologies

Public Relations:
  Kang Yueh, Lucent Technologies
Jean Chang, Lucent Technologies

Other Planning committee Members:
  Chi-Fu Den, NCTU
Tau Hsu, Lucent Technologies
James C. M. Hwang, Lehigh University
Chih-Peng Li, Lucent Technologies
Tingye Li, Former President of OSA
Shoa-Kai Liu, Avanex
Shoa-Kai Liu, Avanex
Erin Liao, Lucent Technologies
Francis Leung, Motorola
TECRO, Investment & Trade Office
Won Tsang, Multiplex
Sheng-Jen Tsai, Lucent Technologies
Robert C. Wang, Lucent Technologies
On-Ching Yue, Lucent Technologies

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