The Wireless and Optical Communications Conference (WOCC) is an international forum held once a year to exchange information among scientists and engineers from research institutions and industrial companies of telecommunications or data communications on the progress of technologies in the wireless and otpical communications and networking arena. It was orginally organized by some Asia American researchers and engineers working in universities and telecommunication companies in New Jersey and New York area and held every year in New Jersey USA. After 29 years of sucussful development, it has become a premium conference on communication technologies that attacts people from all over the world. WOCC is now held alternated in United States, mainland China, Taiwan, and cities in other Asia areas. The annual conference strengthen the technical and business relationships among telecommunications and networking professionals both in the United States, and in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as, other regions of the world and provide a forum to bring together experts and industry leaders to exchange advancement in wireless and optical communications technologies, business experiences, and jointly explore new opportunities.

WOCC 2020 will also feature high-quality plenary speeches, as well as, invited keynotes from prominent research and industry leaders.