The Eighteenth Wireless and Optical Communications Conference

May 1 2, 2009, NJIT, Newark, New Jersey, USA



Conference Chair

Junyi Li, Qualcomm

Conference Organizer

Yu-Dong Yao, Stevens

Program Chairs

Wireless Symposium:

Guangying Li, Alcatel-Lucent

Jane Luo, Qualcomm

Networks Symposium:

Zhuangbo Tang, Johns Hopkins

Ben Tang, AT&T

Optical Symposium:

Angela Chiu, AT&T

Xiang Liu, Alcatel-Lucent

Multimedia Symposium:

Zhu Liu, AT&T

Hong Man, Stevens

Research Posters

Yingying Chen, Stevens


Hongya Ge, NJIT

Conference Coordinator

Sigen Ye, Alcatel-Lucent


Russell Sun, Alcatel-Lucent

Jin Yu, iBiquity Digital

Fund Raising

Qi Bi, Alcatel-Lucent


Sichao Yang, Qualcomm


James Hwang, Lehigh

Local Arrangement

Mengchu Zhou, NJIT


Nirwan Ansari, NJIT

Public Relations

Kevin Lu, Telcordia

Shuang Yu, Alcatel-Lucent

International Liaison

Li Fung Chang, Broadcom

Steering Committee

Qi Bi, Alcatel-Lucent

Li Fung Chang, Broadcom

Ying Hu, Alcatel-Lucent

James Hwang, Lehigh

Kevin Lu, Telcordia

Shuang Yu, Alcatel-Lucent

Mengchu Zhou, NJIT

Co-Sponsoring Associations

    Chinese American Academic and Professional Society

    Chinese Association of Science and Technology

    Chinese Institute of Engineers

    IEEE Communications Society

    IEEE Northern Jersey Section

    Monte Jade Science and Technology Association

    Photonics Society of Chinese Americans



The eighteenth Annual Wireless and Optical Communications Conference (WOCC) will bring together technical experts and business leaders from the North America and Pacific Rim to discuss multimedia, optical, and wireless communications technologies and business opportunities. The theme of WOCC 2009 is Converging Broadband Communications over public mobile wireless networks, public fixed broadband wireline networks, and private customer premises networks. The integration of these three networks is the focus of a new next-generation network providing convergent user-centric services that are no longer associated with the types of network access or content media. Instead, these convergent user-centric services will offer seamless delivery of multimedia applications including voice, data, image, and streaming video independent of any access technologies. The transport layer protocol is converging on Internet Protocol that propelled the growth of the world wide web. The network and service providers will need to deploy standard-compliant converged networks and offer these new value-added services to save operational cost and grow their revenue. Convergent Communications can truly be considered as the enabler for the next phase of growth for the telecommunication industry.


High quality presentations and papers are solicited in the areas of wireless networking, intelligent multimedia, optical communications, and network solutions. The conference consists of four symposiums, with topics including, but not limited to, the following:



Wireless Symposium

    Wide-area and fixed wireless communications

    Wireless LAN/PAN

    Convergence of fixed and mobile hybrid communication system

    Low-power mobile devices

    Security in mobile and wireless networks

    Sensor network and distributed mobile computing

    Location-based services and positioning

    Fundamental research in mobile and wireless communications


Networks Symposium

    Convergence architectures and solutions

    Migration to NGN and mobile broadband

    Network planning, design methods and tools

    Position of new technologies in the network


Optical Symposium

    Optical network planning, modeling and designing

    Optical access/metro networks

    Photonic switching system architecture and network

    Optical passive/active components/devices

    Optical network protection and restoration

    Optical network applications


Multimedia Symposium

    Multimedia indexing and search

    Semantic-based multimedia analysis

    Multimedia database

    Multimedia content distribution

    Peer-to-peer multimedia

    IPTV technologies and services

    Security of multimedia data

    QoS for multimedia applications

Submission Deadline: February 15, 2009

Notification: March 15, 2009


Submit your papers to one of the symposium chairs:

   Wireless: Guangying Li <>, Jane Luo <>

   Networks: Zhuangbo Tang <>, Ben Tang <>

   Optical: Angela Chiu,>, Xiang Liu <>

   Multimedia: Zhu Liu <>, Hong Man <>


There are two steps in paper submissions:


Step 1: Submit an abstract/bio/photo form in Microsoft Word to your symposium chair. Please use the abstract/bio/photo template <>. The abstract/bio/photo will be included in a hard-copy conference program pamphlet.


Step 2: Submit either a 1-page short paper or a max-5-page full-length paper. The papers are planned to be included in IEEE Xplore. Please use a standard IEEE conference paper template

<>. Convert your file into a PDF file and email the PDF file to your symposium chair. Please also see Research Poster Contest: