Call For Papers ( PDF|TXT )

Papers describing original, previously unpublished research are solicited. Specific topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:


Wireless Networking

  • Management Resource and Information Management
  • Convergence of Fixed and Mobile Hybrid Communications System
  • Open Wireless Architecture (OWA)
  • Mobile/Wireless Networks Modeling and Simulation
  • Low-Power End-Devices and Wireless Communications
  • Security in Mobile and Wireless Networks
  • Analysis and Simulation of Mobile Network Protocols
  • Sensor Network Planning and Deployment
  • Wireless LAN/PAN
  • Location-based Services and Positioning
  • Mobile and Wireless Applications

Intelligent Multimedia
  • Context-aware multimedia communications
  • Peer-to-peer streaming
  • Multimedia content distribution
  • Adaptive support for scalable media
  Multimedia servers, operating systems, middleware
Optical Communications
  • Optical network planning, design and modeling
  • Optical access/metro networks
  • Photonic switching system architectures and Network Elements
  • Optical Transmission Technologies and Systems
  Optical passive components and devices
  Optical active components and devices
  Optical network protection and restoration
  Optical network demonstrations, test beds and field trials
Semantic Web Services
  • Multimedia applications using Semantic Web Services
  • Semantic Web Services discovery & selection
  • Semantic Web Service composition, orchestration, and choreography
  • Customization of Semantic Web Services
  Semantic Web Services architecture
  Semantic Web Services negotiation & agreement