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About WOCC

The Wireless and Optical Communications Conference (WOCC) is held once a year to exchange information among Chinese professionals from China, Taiwan, Hong-Kong, Singapore, and the United States on the progress of technologies in the wireless and optical communications arena. The main objective of the annual conference is to strengthen the technical and business relationships between the Asian and North American wireless and optical communications industries and provide a forum to bring together experts and industry leaders to exchange advancement in wireless and optical communications technologies, business experiences, and jointly explore new opportunities.

This conference is organized by several major Chinese-American professional organizations, including: We have held the following conferences in previous years:
  • 2002
    Wireless and Optical Communications Conference, April 26-27, 2002, Conference Chair: Charles Kao

  • 2001
    Wireless and Optical Communications Conference, Enabling Technologies for Broadband Access Networks, April 20-21, 2001, Conference Chair: Dr. Russell Hsing

  • 2000
    Wireless and Optical Communications Conference April 14-15, 2000 Conference Chair: Dr. TingYe Li

  • 1999
    Wireless and Optical Communications Conference April 3-4, 1998 Conference Chair: Dr. Nin-Nan Lee

  • 1998
    Wireless and Optical Communications Conference April 3-4, 1998 Conference Chair: Dr. William C. Y. Lee, AirTouch Program Chairs: Dr. Gee-Kung Chang, Bellcore Dr. Chih-Lin I, AT&T Coordinator: Dr. ChingYao Huang

  • 1997
    Wireless Communications Conference April 5, 1997 Conference Chair: Dr. John C. Chiang, Koo's Group Telecomm Program Chair: Dr. Li-Fung Chang, Bellcore Coordinator: Dr. Wen-Yi Kuo

  • 1996
    Optical and Wireless Communications Conference April 6, 1996 Conference Chair: Dr. Chinlon Lin, Bellcore Program Chair: Dr. Tien-Wen Hou, Lucent Technologies

  • 1995
    Wireless and Optical Communications Conference April 8, 1995 Conference Chair: Dr. Kang Yueh, AT&T Bell Laboratories Program Chair: Dr. Sing Lin, Bellcore

  • 1994
    Conference Chair: Dr. Wen-Ning Hsieh, DVI Communications Program Chair: Mr. James J. C. Chang, AT&T Bell Laboratories

  • 1993
    Wireless Communications Conference April 19, 1993

  • 1992
    Optial Communications Conference April 1992, Chair: Dr. Tao-Yuan Chang

Conference Planning Committee - 2003

Conference Organizers:

T.C. Chiang Lucent Technologies
Shih-Ping Liou Siemens

Conference Chair:

David Chang President, Polytechnic Univ., Brooklyn, NYC

Program Chair:

Hongya Ge (Wireless) NJIT
Jiong Ma (Optical) Lucent Technologies
Kevin Lu (Multimedia) Telcordia Technologies

Program Coordinator:

Liji Wu Internet Photonics, Inc.
Jung-Tao Liu Lucent Technologies


Vincent Lau Lucent Technologies
Wei Luo Lucent Technologies
Liang Cheng Lehigh University
Yuu-Heng Alice Cheng Telcordia Technologies


Leilei Song Agere Systems

Fund Raising:

Russell Hsing Telcordia Technologies
Vincent Lau Lucent Technologies
Kevin W. Lu Telcordia Technologies
Le Zhang Bridge of International Business in NYC
Haifeng Li Tyco Telecommunications
Russell Sun Lucent Technologies
Pi-Chun Chen Lucent Technologies

Local Arrangement:

Zheng Zheng Private Consultant
Tingfang Ji Lucent Technologies


Yi Hsuan Lucent Technologies

Web Design:

Jung-Tao Liu Lucent Technologies
Yanjie Chai Private Consultant

Database Manager:

Hsuan-Jung Su Lucent Technologies

Public Relations:

Kang Yueh Crown Castle International
Hsuan-Jung Su Lucent Technologies
Duwang Shao Lucent Technologies
Anhui Liang StrataLight Communications
Cedric Lam Cox
Ti-shiang Wang Nokia
Hong Guo Automotive Systems Lab
Liang Guo Tsinghua Univ. in Beijing
Chih-Lin I ITRI in Taiwan
Terry Cheng Lucent Technologies
Joe Hui Arizona State University
GK Chang Georgia Tech University
Zhengyu Huang Rsoft Design Group, Columbia Univ.

Executive Secretary

Investment and Trade Office
Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in the United States

Session Chairs:

  • Wireless:

    Mengchu Zhou (Security in Wireless Systems and Networks) NJIT
    Jung-Tao Liu (High Speed Packet Data for Future Wireless Systems) Lucent
    Vince Lau (MIMO Technologies and Resource Management) Lucent
    Daniel Wong (Wireless Networks and Systems) Telcordia

  • Optical:

    Ben Fan (Panel Discussion) AT&T
    Chuan Pu (Enabling technology) Tellium
    Liang Cheng (Intelligent Optical Networks) Lehigh University
    Frank Effenberger (Broadband Access) Quantum Bridge

  • Multimedia:

    Wai Chen (Mobile Information Networking) Telcordia Technologies
    Li-Shiuan Peh (Sensor Networking) Princeton Univ.
    Zon-Yin Shae (Enterprise Multimedia Infrastructure and Applications) IBM Research
    Heather Yu (Emerging Multimedia Technologies) Panasonic Research